Decorating golden rule: Live with what you love


We’re so glad you’re here. Welcome to our colorful and creative world, where imagination has no limits.

How We Started

Home Accessories was started, as a small shop in US by Mrs. Kavita Bhati with the simple goal of making the highest quality art and home accessible to everybody in US while inspiring creativity.

Where Are We Today

We’re proud to be US best retailer for Home Accessory supplies with more than 10000 products in our retail stores and online store. Since our inception, we’ve been trying to make more inspirational & affordable products.We’re so happy to be known as a “value store” by our customers today!

We are always on our toes, adding new products and creating trends for you to explore! We don’t want any creative need of yours to go unfulfilled and so we also import products from leading brands around the world.

What’s Important To Us

We operate in a customer-centric manner. Since most of our products are not final commodities, it’s important that we track the market trends and bring you everything you need. To understand your requirements better, we’ve built a strong community who interact with us and give us constant love and feedback.


We had a vision to bring world class Home decor products to United States. Starting with a single shelf,we began by curating art supplies. As the community needs grew, we continued to bring more international brands onboard. To realize our vision of opening an actual art lounge where artists could create, curate and collaborate, we opened a store. We designed the store to be able to offer a space for artists to create and run their own workshops while being surrounded by high quality art supplies. It is our aim to serve the artist community in United States at our store and online.


At Home Accessories we aim on promoting Home Decor. We aspire to make a community for artists, painters, sketchers and anyone who aims on creating things. The core of our business is customer centricity and community building.

We wish to empower the artist in you by providing you with the most premium handcrafted Art Supplies for your home. The most beautiful thing about Art is that it doesn’t need words to display emotions and statements. In a country like ours with so much beauty and people with so much talent, we pioneer to bring all of the talented artists together and provide them with a space to freely express themselves through the World of Paintings, Drawings and Sketching of various forms of Media.

Our Team

Anisha Rathore

Manager of Operations

She is an operational manager of the company. She is professional and very organized with regard to the duties and tasks in daily operations in the company. Her qualities and skills are geared up towards becoming a very productive and competent operations manager.

Hrithik Rathore

Photographer & Designer

Hrithik Rathore is a professional and competent photographer. He is the senior editor of the company having the expertise of excellent technical skills, using digital and non-digital cameras and industry-standard software such as Photoshop with creativity.

Alex Johns

Product Marketing Manager

Alex is working as Product marketing expert and his responsibilities are to manage all the staff to well-train professionals in product hunting. He has good communication skills to handle the Customer relationship for the customer support.

Production Manager

Production Manager

Andy is working as Product expert and she is competent enough to perform her responsibilities effectively and efficiently. She is specialized in finding potential suppliers and product resources for the Sellers. She is an asset for our company from a long time.